Rotational Dynamics || Class 12 Physics || Note


1.1 Equation of angular motion, Relation between linear and angular kinematics 
1.2 Kinetic energy of rotation of rigid body 
1.3 Moment of inertia; Radius of gyration 
1.4 Moment of inertia of a uniform rod
1.5 Torque and angular acceleration for a rigid body  
1.6 Work and power in rotational motion 
1.7 Angular momentum, conservation of angular momentum. 

Learning Outcomes
1.1 Recall equations of angular motion and compare them with equations of linear motion 
1.2 Derive the expression for rotational kinetic energy  
1.3 Describe the term moment of inertia and radius of gyration 
1.4 Find the moment of inertia of thin uniform rod rotating about its center and its one end 
1.5 Establish the relation between torque and angular acceleration of a rigid body 
1.6 Describe the work and power in rotational motion with expression 
1.7 Define angular momentum and prove the principle of conservation of angular momentum 1.8 Solve numerical problems and conceptual questions regarding the rotational dynamics 

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