Periodic Motion || Class 12 Physics || Note


2.1 Equation of simple harmonic motion (SHM) 
2.2 Energy in SHM 
2.3 Application of SHM: vertical oscillation of mass suspended from coiled spring 
2.4 Angular SHM, simple pendulum 
2.5 Oscillatory motion: Damped oscillation, Forced oscillation and resonance. 

Learning Outcomes
2.1 Define simple harmonic motion and state its equation. 
2.2 Derive the expressions for energy in simple harmonic motion 
2.3 Derive the expression for period for vertical oscillation of a mass suspended from coiled spring 
2.4 Describe angular simple harmonic motion and find its period 
2.5 Derive expression for period of simple pendulum 
2.6 Explain the damped oscillation 
2.7 Describe forced oscillation and resonance with suitable examples 
2.8 Solve the numerical problems and conceptual questions regarding the periodic motion 

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