Electric Potential and Potential Energy || Class 11 Physics || Note


Learning Outcomes 
21.1 Define potential at a point as the work done per unit positive charge in bringing a small test charge from infinity to the point  
21.2 Use electron volt as a unit of electric potential energy 
21.3 Recall and use �  for the potential in the field of a point charge 
21.4 Illustrate graphically the variation in potential along a straight line from the source charge and understand that the field strength of the field at a point is equal to the negative of potential gradient at that point 
21.5 Understand the concept of equipotential lines and surfaces and relate it to potential difference between two points 
21.6 Recall and use �∆ ∆   to calculate the field strength of the uniform field between charged parallel plates in terms of potential difference and separation 

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