Electric Field || Class 11 Physics || Note


Learning Outcomes 
20.1 Describe an electric field as a region in which an electric charge experiences a force 
20.2 Define electric field strength as force per unit positive charge acting on a stationary point charge  
20.3 Calculate forces on charges in uniform electric fields of known strength 
20.4  Use �   strength of a point charge in free space or air  
20.5  Illustrate graphically the changes in electric field strength with respect distance from a point      charge 
20.6 Represent an electric field by means of field lines 
20.7 Describe the effect of a uniform electric field on the motion of charged particles 
20.8 Understand the concept of electric flux of a surface 
20.9 State Gauss law and apply it for a field of a charged sphere and for line charge 
20.10 Understand that uniform field exists between charged parallel plates and sketch the field lines  

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