Studies of Heavy Metals || Copper, Zinc, Mercury, Iron, Silver || Inorganic Chemistry XII

Studies of Heavy Metals

7.1 Copper : 

Occurrence and extraction of copper from copper pyrite ; Properties (with air, acids, aqueous ammonia and metal ions) and uses of copper ; Chemistry (preparation, properties and uses) of blue vitriol ; Other compounds of copper (red oxide and black oxide of copper) formula and uses only

7.2 Zinc : 

Occurrence and extraction of zinc from zinc blende ; Properties (with air, acid, alkali, displacement reaction) and uses of zinc ; Chemistry (preparation, properties and uses) of white vitriol

7.3 Mercury : 

Occurrence and extraction of mercury from cinnabar ; Properties of mercury ; Chemistry (preparation, properties and uses) of calomel and corrosive sublimate

7.4 Iron : 

Occurrence and extraction of iron ; Properties and uses of iron ; Manufacture of steel by Basic Oxygen Method and Open Hearth Process ; Corrosion of iron and its prevention

7.5 Silver :

Occurrence and extraction of silver by cyanide process ; Preparation and uses of silver chloride and silver nitrate.


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