Why was it said to announce the results on Teej day but it was not done? Is NEB Playing with Students?

Why was it said to announce the results on Teej day but it was not done??

✍️ Komal Adhikari

On the 14th Bhadra at 9AM, some news media informed that the results will be published today (The meeting was called at 3:30PM) but it was Teej day and female members of the board and female students were celebrating Teej. The board hastily adjourned the meeting after it was protested on social media.

The National Examination Board also responded that it will be released by today or tomorrow. But on the day of Teej, the results were not ready to be published. Instead of saying that there were some technical problems during the publication of the results, it was seen that the results should be submitted and some provincial examination management offices have asked the respective schools to correct any errors (Name, Surname, Date of Birth) and Internal Evaluation. If there were error, the correct information should be disclosed by 3 PM on the 15th Bhadra, and the head of the concerned institution was to sent a letter on the 14th Bhadra to confirm the error. Also, the name of the head of the institution and the institution that does not correct the error will be published on social media and the head of the institution will be responsible for any problems that may arise due to this. Even now, NEB is putting effort to correct the errors, so that the students won't suffer later. There is no need to worry about why the result is delayed and you may not have to hear that there is a problem with the result!!

Different Pages, Education Media put different news on social media. Some were right, some were wrong. But the news like many students have got NG andthe result is better or worse than SEE have no truth.

It is necessary to apologize for the inconvenience and mental stress caused to the examinees who are waiting for the results and the National Examination Board should also pay attention to this issue.

Note: The result will probably be published this week or next week (first days).

Thank you

Komal Adhikari


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