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 Numerical Solution 

1. Volumetric Analysis 
1.1 Introduction to gravimetric analysis, volumetric analysis and equivalent weight  
1.2 Relationship between equivalent weight, atomic weight and valency 
1.3 Equivalent weight of compounds (acid, base, salt, oxidizing and reducing agents) 
1.4 Concentration of solution and its units in terms of : Percentage,  g/L , molarity, molality, normality and formality, ppm and ppb 
1.5 Primary and secondary standard substances   
1.6 Law of equivalence and normality equation 
1.7 Titration and its types: Acid-base titration, redox titration ( related numerical problems) 

Learning Outcomes
1. Volumetric Analysis 
1.1 Define and explain the terms volumetric and gravimetric analysis. 
1.2 Express the concentration of solutions in terms of percentage, g/l, molarity, molality, normality, ppm, ppb 
1.3 Define and calculate the equivalent weight of (elements, acids, bases, salts, oxidising and reducing agents). 
1.4 Express the concentration of solution in terms of normality. 
1.5 Explain and apply the concept of law of equivalence in chemical calculation. 
1.6 Define and explain primary and secondary standard substance. 
1.7 Explain different types of titration and their applications.




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