Kinematics || Class 11 Physics || Note


Learning Outcomes
3.1 Define displacement, instantaneous velocity and acceleration with relevant examples 
3.2 Explain and use the concept of relative velocity 
3.3 Draw displacement-time and velocity-time graph to represent motion, and determine velocity from the gradient of displacement-time graph, acceleration from the gradient of velocity-time graph and displacement from the area under a velocity-time graph 
3.4 Establish equations for a uniformly accelerated motion in a straight line from graphical representation of such motion and use them to solve related numerical problems  
3.5 Write the equations of motion under the action of gravity and solve numerical problem related to it   
3.6 Understand projectile motion as motion due to a uniform velocity in one direction and a uniform acceleration in a perpendicular direction, derive the equations for various physical quantities (maximum height, time of flight, time taken to reach maximum height, horizontal range, resultant velocity)  and use them to solve mathematical problems related to projectile motion 

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