Electrical Circuits || Class 12 Physics || Note


14.1 Kirchhoff’s law 
14.2 Wheatstone bridge circuit; Meter bridge 
14.3 Potentiometer: Comparison of e.m.f., measurement of internal resistances of a cell 
14.4 Super conductors; Perfect conductors 
14.5 Conversion of galvanometer into voltmeter and ammeter; Ohmmeter 
14.6 Joule’s law 

Learning Outcomes
14.1 Understand Kirchhoff’s law as well as use it to calculate unknown parameters in electrical circuits 
14.2 Describe the circuit diagram and working of Wheatstone bridge circuit and understand its importance in real situation  
14.3 Describe Meter bridge and understand it
14.4 Know construction, working and importance of Potentiometer 
14.5 Understand the concept of super conductors 
14.6 Know the meaning of perfect conductors and distinguish it from superconductor  
14.7 Learn the technique to convert galvanometer into voltmeter and ammeter

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